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Welcome to our first octopus blogpost!

Technology is booming and our world is changing. People accomplished so much in recent years – advancing high tech fields VR, AI, IoT… and there are more opportunities ahead. To share faster, connect more deeply, cooperate more effectively…

Right now, our main focus is Virtual Reality. It’s not a new idea per se, but only now we are seeing it’s true progress. And yet main applications of VR are still in entertainment – games, movies, presentations (and yes, porn).

But we believe entertainment is only small fraction of what we can achieve here. There are countless opportunities in medicine, education, construction, psychotherapy, art, commerce… and we want to tackle them.

In this blog, we aim to show you everything – victories, fails, UX and programming challenges, problems with hardware. We will be brutally honest with ourselves and with you – our readers. Nobody said creating New Reality is easy.

Join us on our journey.

– team octopus engine –

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