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we create New Reality

Scientists decoded the octopus genome and discovered how different it is from other intelligent creatures.

We are community of dreamers, visionaries, geeks, creators and developers.

We believe technology is here to serve people, connect them together and push humanity to next level.

Our vision is to create New Reality – a universal platform connecting Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Internet of Things, which  allows users to create, visualise and manage data, and have fun cooperating in a virtual space without boundaries.

    • Mission – our goal is to create 3-dimensional and multi-dimensional interactive environments for aplications in finance, manufacturing, engineering, science and education
    • Virtual Reality – VR is already used for games and other 3D entertainment. We are working to unlock VR’s full potential, as a cooperative platform for work, social interactions, alternative worlds and other aplications – each with it’s own rules
    • Augmented Reality– we integrating AR to enhance our sensation of physical world
    • Internet of Things – virtual user interface allows users to control and interact with physical hardware – machines, sensors, visualised complex data
    • Machine Learning –   AI and ML algorithms help our users to make smarter desicions
    • 3D scan and print –  creating and copying 3D objects  to turn ideas  into physical reality
  • Virtual currencies –  Blockchain technologies are  the foundation of the new reality  that supports  freedom and decentralisation

We believe in power of Open Source. That’s why we decided to share lot of our code for different projects on github:

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