Our friends know, we constantly develop some mysterious smart gadgets. Once we were asked to make a simple machine which shows price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
Thus prototype of Tickernator was born – small wooden box with retro seven segment display so you can see the price even from a distance.

Tickernator was popular and we had lot of demand from our crypto-peers. We added more cryptocurrencies and other data (even time – believe it or not).

There were couple of problems we tackled – like how to set up a wifi connection to a device remotely, when we send it to customer.
We also started to play a bit more with various designs. Now we also make steel boxes (black or silver) and we can also adjust it with custom design (like logo).

Some clients wanted even more customization – like 3D printed rocket shape box. We plan to offer a full kit of basic elecotrnic components – all set up and programmed.



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