Pi Jam

Pořádal Big Clown v Impact hibu v Praze:

“Raspberry Pi je jednodeskový počítač, který po celém světě používají milióny mejkrů, vývojářů, učitelů, studentů i firem.
Přijďte si na festival Pi Jam s tímto počítačem hrát, vysvětlíme si jeho neomezené možnosti využití a postavíme si vlastního robota Ronyho, kterého naučíme poslouchat Google asistentku.”

Tvůrčí atmosféra
několik pacovišť
Představení “magického zrcadla”
pracovní zaujetí
Big Clown – Big Tower
Torzo robota – možná trochu brutální
Zprovoznili jsme na Big Clown Play ground (Node Red) ovládání našeho robota (ESP32) pomocí mqtt přes mobilní Blynk
Robot Rony
…finální předváděčka


Microcontroller Attiny13/85! (555 is retro)


Attiny85: The high-performance, low-power Microchip 8-bit AVR RISC-based microcontroller combines 8KB ISP flash memory, 512B EEPROM, 512-Byte SRAM, 6 general purpose I/O lines, 32 general purpose working registers, one 8-bit timer/counter with compare modes, one 8-bit high speed timer/counter, USI, internal and external Interrupts, 4-channel 10-bit A/D converter, programmable watchdog timer with internal oscillator, three software selectable power saving modes, and debugWIRE for on-chip debugging. The device achieves a throughput of 20 MIPS at 20 MHz and operates between 2.7-5.5 volts.



A microprocessor is a computer processor that incorporates the functions of a central processing unit on a single integrated circuit.
1960 – CPU (MOS LSI chips – a few hundred transistors)
1969 – Four-Phase Systems (acquired by Motorola in 1981)
1970 – electronics calculators
1971 – Intel 4004 (2300 transistors)
A microcontroller (MCU) is a small computer with simple peripherals on a single integrated circuit.
1977 – Intel 8048
1993 – Microchip PIC16x84, Atmel (NOR flash memory)



Attiny 1614 (16k flash, 2k sRAM)
Attiny 3217 (32k flash, 2k sRAM)



“Big” Atmel for Arduino?

Attiny is better:


Octopus engine LAB – new edition of dev boards:




oeLAB – BEV BOARD with Raspberry Pi:

IoT Lab


Our friends know, we constantly develop some mysterious smart gadgets. Once we were asked to make a simple machine which shows price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
Thus prototype of Tickernator was born – small wooden box with retro seven segment display so you can see the price even from a distance.

Tickernator was popular and we had lot of demand from our crypto-peers. We added more cryptocurrencies and other data (even time – believe it or not).

There were couple of problems we tackled – like how to set up a wifi connection to a device remotely, when we send it to customer.
We also started to play a bit more with various designs. Now we also make steel boxes (black or silver) and we can also adjust it with custom design (like logo).

Some clients wanted even more customization – like 3D printed rocket shape box. We plan to offer a full kit of basic elecotrnic components – all set up and programmed.



Big Clown – meetup

We had yet another workshop/hackathon, this time focused on IoT, with moduls from bigclown.cz

#octopusengineClub #hackathon #bigclown #octopusenginelab #iot #oeLAB

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#octopusenginelab #bigclown #diyelectronics #iot #octopusengineClub

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We tested Core module kit (connecting gateway + node), which can bet programmed via USB DFU bootloader located in ROM memory or ARM microcontroller and/or debugged via standard 10 pin SWD connector. Core Module is key element of every BigClown node. On the “motherboard” there is integrated security chip, heat sensor and accelerometer. We also had external I2C modules – hygrometer, thermometer, modul with relay and controlling of RGB LED stripe.

It is professional solution not only for home automatization, and also an introduction to broader IoT usage. We went through basic installation, initialization and couple of simple experiments. After connecting Raspberry Pi3 to Raspbian and installing of control software we were able to use MQTT (widely used protocol for IoT)
mosquitto_sub -v -t ‘#
this command “prints” ID of distant node:
>> node/836d19836043/thermometer/0:1/temperature 22.50
LED demonstration:
mosquitto_pub -t ‘node/836d19836043/led-strip/-/effect/set’ -m ‘{“type”:”rainbow”, “wait”: 5 }’

For future we plan adding Python layer and integration with Cryptomat and advanced data transfer for visualisation and interaction in VR.


Blockchain of Things

Octopus engine is progressive visionary company which aims to connect modern technologies – IoT, VR, AI and Blockchain (p2p decentralised encrypted databaze).

We started with general IoT – now we integrate it in blockchain in our Simple CryptoMat. 
In addition to that we gradually build VR platform for creating and cooperating, where we use interactive features (Hyperobject) and data from IoT sensors. We also test other complex technologies – from robotic hand to advanced controlling of drones.
 Later on we plan to utilize Machine Learning and AI in relevant technologies, which we vies as revolutionary step for our society.

On hackers congress HCPP17 in Prague, we presented our VR experiment and CryptoMat to public and introduced our vision of Blockchain of Things (BoT):

Imagine modern cities with decentralised network of services and autonomous technologies interconnected with blockchain. 
Self driving cars or smart delivery drones can use solar or wind power chargers and pay for the service n micro-transactions in real time. BoT will integrate not only energy and information streams, but also finance and special “verified” information – information which relies on reputation mechanisms, decentralised voting and complex decision making. Smart contracts will enable scalable and programmable licences or renting of services with benefit of lower costs and efficient price-discovery mechanisms.

VR meetups

Did you know you can meet other people in Virtual Reality, talk to them, create stuff together and play games?
Steam released their free platform Steam VR where users upload their own virtual worlds and invite others to join them – and usually make a big mess.

We host our own room based on our Octopus club. Every week we organise a meeting with our friends. Even random people are joining us for the fun.

We play ball games. We fly and shoot drones.

Sometimes we draw pictures.

Or just sit on the roof and have a drink. Possibilities are endless and we are only starting!

Add our octopusengine profile on Steam and be notified everytime, we are hosting our VR space!

Octopus Club

This last couple of weeks were so packed with action we did not have time to write about.
And this is our biggest news:  Octopus engine has a new home!

Almost every great tech company started in a garage or some other shanky setup. We are no exception. The building is very old, and it used to be a horse stable 100 years back. Now we turned it into community club, tech hub, coworking space, geek’s lair and mad scientist’s lab.

It still pretty rough around the edges, but we keep improving it every day. Right now there are two VR stages and hardware workshop with tech equipment. Coffee-machine in the kitchen is a must. Oh and it is heated by a cryptocurrency mining rig – how cool is that?

If you want to visit us, just follow our Facebook page. We already hosted couple of small “hackathons” with our talented friends.

Deloitte – Blockchain

Blockchain – decentralised ledger – is getting more and more recognition. The other day we were invited to join a panel discussion about Blockchain organised by Deloitte. 

First we had the opportunity to learn how Deloitte and big companies think about Blockchain tech and then we, together with other guests answered questions about cryptocurrencies, bitcoin scaling and other more technical topics.

What we learned?

  • we are still in very early stage of development
  • people still don’t fully grasp and appreciate the value of decentralisation
  • enthusiasm in blockchain is high but we can see some disappointment in near future
  • technical details of Blockchain are not so easy to explain to a layman

You may ask – why were you invited to talk about Blockchain, you do VR?

Answer is – we don’t do only VR. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are one of our core focuses. Very soon we will introduce our new project from this space. 
And it is connected with VR too, what would you use for paying in Digital World if not Digital Money?

company established

It’s official. We are no longer just bunch of geeks, we are bunch of geeks with a company! Why? Because it is convenient and because our plans and activities are becoming too grand to handle them just on the side.

There are many exciting things we will be working on. Our company wants to offer services in Cryptocurrencies, VR and IoT development, Data science, Photogrammetry (creating 3D VR spaces from real photos of environment).
But do not worry, we are not turning into corporate moguls. At least not anytime soon. Our community culture will remain, and in fact it will be even stronger.

Our firm is called Octopus engine s.r.o. (Ltd), it is based in Prague, Czech republic. Mostly because Prague is cool place to be right now. You can find the info on our contact page.
Also we will have our own CL(H)UB where we can organise events, classes, hackathons…

Octopus CLUB | HUB > CL(H)UB – Orelska 542/14 – Prague

Stay tuned, there are more news coming soon!