Blockchain of Things

Octopus engine is progressive visionary company which aims to connect modern technologies – IoT, VR, AI and Blockchain (p2p decentralised encrypted databaze).

We started with general IoT – now we integrate it in blockchain in our Simple CryptoMat. 
In addition to that we gradually build VR platform for creating and cooperating, where we use interactive features (Hyperobject) and data from IoT sensors. We also test other complex technologies – from robotic hand to advanced controlling of drones.
 Later on we plan to utilize Machine Learning and AI in relevant technologies, which we vies as revolutionary step for our society.

On hackers congress HCPP17 in Prague, we presented our VR experiment and CryptoMat to public and introduced our vision of Blockchain of Things (BoT):

Imagine modern cities with decentralised network of services and autonomous technologies interconnected with blockchain. 
Self driving cars or smart delivery drones can use solar or wind power chargers and pay for the service n micro-transactions in real time. BoT will integrate not only energy and information streams, but also finance and special “verified” information – information which relies on reputation mechanisms, decentralised voting and complex decision making. Smart contracts will enable scalable and programmable licences or renting of services with benefit of lower costs and efficient price-discovery mechanisms.

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