who needs new reality most?

Recently we asked ourselves a question.

Who would benefit from virtual reality most?

Who is in the direst need to escape boundaries of physical reality?

Is it gamer who wants better gaming experience? Or professional who demands better visualisation for his project? Film maker, making more immersive experience?

We come up with a different answer. Those who need to escape our reality the most are the ones who are the most challenged by it – disabled people or too old and weak to go out and enjoy life to the fullest.

There is a room for many more VR applications, helping those in need. There are experiments, suggesting that VR simulations help with pain relief, psychotherapy , rehab exercises or even a next generation of social connection.

That’s why we are creating New Reality platform with these people in mind. It will empower them, allow them to experience and even control (via IoT). In our New Reality there will be no barriers…

By helping others, you will learn how to help yourselves. -Aung San Suu Kyi

– team octopus engine –


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