simple bitcoin terminal

Lately we were focusing mostly on our endeavours in VR. But our vision is much broader  and extends into the physical world as well.

We are particularly excited about Bitcoin. There is  something very compelling about a digital currency, fully independent from whims of nation states and central banks.

But today, we are not going to discuss cryptocurrency. If you want to learn more, watch some Andreas Antonopoulos vids.

Today we are just bragging about our Simple Bitcoin Terminal which is a payment machine allowing stores and other brick and mortar businesses to receive payments in Bitcoins (and other cryptocurrencies) quickly and easily.

First Bitcon payment only cafe

Honza engineered a prototype one year ago, and now he is giving it more polish. Last weekend we presented it to crypto-fans during  yearly crypto flea market in Paralelni polis – Prague.

Both machines are connected to the internet and update current btc exchange rate

Now, we want to advance new technologies. So we do not aim to be bogged down by manufacturing and selling this little machine commercially.

Honza introducing his prototype

However, if you are an entrepreneur, manufacturer or electronics seller and would like to introduce Simple Bitcoin Terminal to market, feel free to contact us.

– team octopus engine –

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